The Cruz Building
W herever you look, The Cruz Building is filled with a myriad of treasures that invite exploration—finely crafted woodwork, one-of-a-kind chandeliers, meticulously restored architectural details, antique sculptures, rich stonework and much more.
Exterior Architecture

From the moment you first approach the towering building, the exterior
architecture draws your interest, with a host of features inspired by
French / New Orleans row houses.

Architectural Details include:

  • Natural solid Keystone and Travertine Marble columns

  • Original antique brickwork arches

  • Intricate, wrought iron decorative balconies and cast iron columns

  • Authentic brass "Bigelow" gas flame lanterns

  • Gothic stone sculptures on front façade

  • Antique, 19th century lion sculptures overlooking the terrace

  • Winged goddess stone roof sculptures

Level 1

The Grand Staircase Courtyard and English Bar Room

The first level was meticulously designed to portray the ambiance of a French New Orleans courtyard, complete with authentic, architectural antiques brought from Europe and the New Orleans French Quarter.

Level I interior treasures include:

  • Massive, 60-foot long stained glass atrium ceiling

  • Over 20 one-of-a-kind, antique chandeliers and sconces

  • Natural Onyx, Granite and Marble floors

  • Original Italian cobblestone tile floors

  • Antique brick arches

  • 19th Century "Black Forest Carving" bench in Entrance Foyer, originally located in a 19th century French country chateau

  • Wrought iron and brass gates flanking the Grand Staircase Courtyard and Royal Mezzanine alcoves inspired by 19th Century French ironwork

  • Interior wrought iron gate with brass details of French vines and crowns, inspired by a turn of the century Venetian palace gate

  • Authentic cast iron street lamps with copper lanterns

  • 19th Century, 8 Foot, carved wood door from a New Orleans Doctor's office, complete with ornate medical carvings and brass letterbox

  • Architectural antique shutters and stained glass panels from New Orleans' French Quarter

  • One-of-a-kind, hand carved mahogany bars with stained glass soffits and natural, Onyx stone counters

  • Custom brass and wrought iron panoramic elevator, with brass corn sculptures and beveled glass panels

  • Massive, "floating" marble staircase, architecturally engineered with hidden supports to appear as if it's floating

Level 1

    The Royal Mezzanine and Terrace

  • Hand carved mahogany booths
    with glass panel inserts, hand
    etched with 24 karat gold detailing

  • One-of-a-kind, 40 foot carved
    mahogany bar with stained glass
    soffit and natural, with Onyx stone
    lighted counters

  • Over 20 one-of-a-kind, antique
    chandeliers and sconces

  • Elegant, hand honed dark wood
    floors with intricate marble borders

  • 19th Century "Black Forest Carving" Mirror at
    top of Grand Staircase, crafted in Germany's
    Black Forest region

  • Marble spiral staircase leading to third level, with Azul (sky) marble

  • Stained glass windows on spiral staircase leading to third level

  • Hand applied, gold leaf wall treatments throughout

  • European mural painting with Tuscany like scene follows your journey up the staircase

Level 1

    The Cruz Ballroom and Terraza de Leon

  • Cove/coffered ceiling above fireplace inspired by an historic antique church in New Orlean's French Quarter

  • One-of-a-kind, 40-foot hand carved mahogany bar with stained glass soffit and natural, Onyx stone counter illuminated from underneath

  • Hand honed, dark wood floors with intricate marble mosaic borders

  • 19th Century "Black Forest Carving" fireplace in the Cruz Ballroom, complete with rare, brilliant blue veined "Louis XV" marble facade

  • European antique carved bathroom doors with brass "Gentlemen" and "Ladies" signs from England

  • Intricate copper sculptures on Terraza de Leon walls depicting intricate swamp animals and grasses

  • Solid Travertine marble columns and floor on Terraza de Leon imported from Italy

  • Antique bronze sculpture of Bacchus (The God of Wine) overlooking The Cruz Ballroom

  • Carved heraldic Coat of Arms/Crest depicting Lion and Unicorn.

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